Matthew Darpli

I have always been a very visual person and fascinated by beauty of all kinds. Photography allows me to capture and share my vision and perspectives of the beauty in the world everywhere I go, including living in Colorado, Montana, West Virginia, California, Wyoming, Amsterdam, Australia, New Zealand and Miami, where nature and the bustle of city life coincide.

I honed my skills for 10 years as a photographer and video professional 20 years ago in West Virginia, while shooting, producing and editing candid white water rafting videos from my kayak. I owned a video production company that was responsible for producing the the marketing material for rafting companies. We shot promotional videos on a daily basis of whitewater rafters paddling down the New and Gauley Rivers.

While in West Virginia at the New River Gorge, I opened an Art Gallery called Gorgeous Goods, which showcased the work of local WV artists. We consigned and sold a wide variety of visual arts, photography, jewelry, pottery, textiles, glass and woodworking and were written up in Travel and Leisure Magazine.

One of my passions and creative focus is Iconic Classic Cars. I feel that, specific moments of time in the world are captured, frozen in time and expressed to the world, through the original designers interpretation of the shapes of the cars of the day, and I found that the most elegant, iconic and timeless of all cars would become an inspiration for my work.

From the cars themselves, to the people that own them; they are part of the fabric of our lives and an interesting subject for a photo documentary. From the rustiest old beater to the most valuable antique cars; automobiles have shaped and molded our society for over 100 years. Certain Iconic, Classic, Muscle, Antique and Sports Cars are appreciating at an astounding rate and some new cars that are made in limited production runs are also appreciating. These are the Iconic vehicles by which the rest of the field is judged. My next project will focus on this trend, and the designers behind the shapes of the cars that we appreciate the most. I am involved in the exotic, classic, antique and sports car culture in Miami and would like to create a rotating exhibit celebrating the most iconic cars currently being held in private collections in South Florida.

I have a 15 year background in web development and I am currently active in creative web development projects and Strategic URL acquisition worldwide.

Since 2001, I have owned a transportation and limo company in Denver, Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Aspen Colorado: Eagle Vail Express.

As a self taught photographer, my life experiences have shaped my view of the world, which I attempt to portray through the lens of my camera.

I currently reside between Miami, Denver and LA and enjoy Art, Music, Classic and Sports Cars, Adventure Sports and Creative Entrepreneurial Ventures of all kinds


Matthew Darpli – 970-376-6284